From Our Partners

“Having a great culture in business is the key to long lasting success of companies and rewarding work for the people in that culture. It is easy to say, but hard to create and sustain a great culture. I was fortunate to have been in a great culture with the Sidekick Team for a couple decades. One of the keys to a great company is growth. Growth is healthy for an organization but without the roots of great leaders like Phil and Justin and the entire team that makes up a great culture, companies will not thrive. The SideKick Team is the epitome of great culture that is contagious with every one of their partners, companies, and team members.”
- Brent Parent, Board Member On Point - Miner

“When I first started my role as a CEO with OWL Services, Sidekick Operators had already partnered with the business to set up a management systems infrastructure with action items, quarterly goals and tracking mechanisms. I was able to hit the ground running and focus on more building culture and driving strategy. SKO is a team of operators who understand what it is like to run a business.”
- Greg Ergenbright, CEO, OWL Services

“Justin has been both a trusted mentor and a friend. In both business and in life, Justin’s actions match his words & he is rooted in authenticity and compassion for the people he works with. I continue to put his guidance into practice, to this day, and it is an honor to do so.
- Sabrina Schoene, Director of Systems Training, Summit Companies

“At Bridgehead IT, Relationships Are Everything. That's why we value our partnership with SideKick Operators so highly. Their dedication and expertise are a cornerstone in delivering our Brand Promise: Guaranteed outcomes that provide peace of mind and improve your bottom line.” 
- Chris Brandvik, COO Bridgehead IT