February 17, 2023

TM Capital's powerful partnership with Sidekick Operators


Through our extensive work across the facility services landscape, TM Capital has developed a broad array of resources that we can bring to bear on behalf of clients and prospects to help accelerate growth, improve customer service, build infrastructure, add talent and enhance technology systems.

Notably, TM Capital has developed a strong partnership with SideKick Operators to offer our private company clients and prospects access to a uniquely powerful team that provides hands-on, strategic advice and input around numerous mission critical functions such as business operations, customer service, national service delivery, IT and human capital. Founded by the former leadership team of The Miner Corporation (a former TM client), SideKick Operators is a group of tenured industry veterans and investment professionals that forge long-term partnerships with management teams of facility services businesses to accelerate value creation and better prepare their systems, data and staff for the rigors of a future sale or recapitalization process.

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